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Number of Voices in MainStage

Tony in NY

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Logic/MainStage and this forum is still fairly new to me ... so I hope this isn't a redundant topic.

Was playing with the incredible Steinway patch and noticed the sound at times was cutting out. When I checked on the patche's number of voices, it was set to 32. A low number for a piano patch. I typed in 64. Did I actually make a difference? Is there a limit to the amount of voices I can trigger (at once) with MainStage? I come from the old school of keyboards/synth modules where poly voices was always something to keep an eye on.

Am I limitless with MainStage?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Am I limitless with MainStage?


Yes, you are. However there are a few things to consider:


1. Certain plugins have limits on the number of voices. In many of them you can actually adjust them. The limit only applies to a single instance of a plugin.

2. The more voices, the more CPU the plugin will use.

3. MainStage will kill voices, if the CPU load gets too high. This can also be adjusted in the preferences, but usually there is no reason to touch it.

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