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Rigging a 2nd MAC G5 without having to buy anything......


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Rigging a 2nd MAC G5 without having to buy anything......tutorial


I will outline how to use a 2nd G5 for more memory, and pipe it into the main G5 without the need for a midi-inteface, or audio interface.


1) You will need: 1 ethernet cross-over cable ( or an ethernet hub and 2 cables)


2)You will need: 2 fiber-optic cables (out to in / in to out between the G5s)


3) Open Audio Midi Setup on the Main G5 and create an "aggragate device". In it the first device is your main Audio i/o....the 2nd device select "Built-In"


4) Open Audio Midi-Setup and under "Midi", select "Network".....establish an ethernet MidiConnection between the 2 G5's


5) On the 2nd G5 open "System Preferences"...Click on "Sound" ....set both in and out to "Digital"


6) On the Main G5 open "Logic Audio" or your DAW of choice......In the Audio Driver's Page set the driver to "Aggragate Device".......create an AUX Input the last inputs available will be the Digital LightPipes we set up earlier)....


7) In environment create a multi-instrument and set it's midiport to "session1" (this is the ethernet midi connection). Now IF you have a midi-loop happening in Logic, simply create a transformer object.......now from "Physical Input" take a cable from "Session1" to that transormer object.....double click transformer object and set it to "Filter Matching Events"....now take a cable from transormer object to "Sequencer Input".


that is it......... works flawlessly and is a really elegant solution.


Now on 2nd G5, use Bidule Plogue to setup another 24 VI's


What I have happening is



G5 1: All Violins / Violas (this computer runs Logic7)

G5 2: All Celli / Basses (this computer runs Bidule Plogue for another 24 VIs)


I know this sounds complex, but it really isn't, takes about an hour to set up.



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Thanks for the quick summary. I will move this to the Tips and Tricks section!


Now the only thing missing is for Apple to release the EXS24 as an AU plug-in.


But with this config you have to mix your Cellis and Basses on Bidule, right? Most of my clients actually use lightpipe to run the Audio back from the slave to the master computer.


PS: why run Audio out from the master to Audio in on the slave?

My new Logic Pro Book is out!

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