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Best way to sample rate convert from 96 down to 44.1?

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So i'm absolutely LOVING the sound i'm getting with the Fireface at 24/96. playback is just SO gorgeous. I know 16/44.1 will never capture the spacial definition and pristine detail, but what is the best in the box method of getting as close as we can get when we convert down to 16/44.1 ? i've heard the new Peak software has a great algorithm, possibly the best?

Also, within Logic, what is the best method for bouncing and converting down. Advice on POW-r#3 noiseshaping? i haven't had time to fully study this on my own, so i apologize for my ingnorance, but i thought it would be a great thread for alot of people to learn from now that so many of us are finally able to move up to 24/96. thanks guys, i don't know what i'd do without this forum.


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I think it has been discussed quite a bit lately, which might be why this thread isn't getting any love. :D


Basically Bit depth conversion is pretty easy, and you should experiment with all the dithering options offered in Logic while bouncing. For the material I record (pop, rock), I don't hear much difference.


Sample rate conversion is another story and Logic's not necessarily really good at it. You might want to read and listen to this:



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