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Live sequences

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I know this may sound as blasphemy but I am looking for a cheap (pref. free), easy-to-use alternative for Logic for use on stage. Let me explain.


I just want to be able to play 4 tracks of audio (2 stereo wav-files) on 4 independent outputs.

1-2: stereo feed for audience

3-4: stereo feed for dummer/band


It needs to be able to read the songs really quickly so I don't loose time waiting for the PC to load.


Oh, and it needs to run on XP.


I ask this because I don't want to risk loosing my Logic dongle on stage. All tracks are, of course, produced in Logic 7.2.1 on my Mac in my studio. I just want to play the bounced files.


All free-ware tools I found, how good they might be, lack support for multi-channel output or ASIO or whatever.


Can someone help me?


Many thanks.


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