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could you people do me a favour?

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hi all.


i am trying to get an mp3 player to work on my site (which is essentially and blogger with my domain name) and i am going through a confusing situation.


as some of you may know, there is a template in the blogger, which is basically html that you can customise yourself.


so, i copied/pasted the template html in to dreamweaver so i could edit offline. i then downloaded an open source flash mp3 player to use on my blog. the process was very easy: the code that i needed for the mp3 player was copied and pasted into dreamweaver.


i then previewed in browser (from dreamweaver) and it worked fine. all files are uploaded by the way and the code points to their locations, so that's not the problem.


so i then copied/pasted from dreamweaver back into blogger and republished my blog. i viewed and...nothing...just a white space where the mp3 player was before!


so just to make sure, i asked my girlfriend to have a look on her computer. using safari and firefox, the mp3 player worked perfectly!


so i then looked to my browser settings...nothing had changed...i repaired my disk permissions...that did not solve...


so anyway, next day, i emailed my friend and asked him to report on whether the mp3 worked for him...it didn't...the same white space that i saw.


so the only computer it works on is my girlfriend's.


i am at a loss to what on earth i have done wrong and as to why it works on my girlfriend's computer and noone elses!


so, whoever sees this, if you wouldn't mind reporting back on whether it works in your browser or not, i'd be grateful.


further to that, any suggestion on how i can make the player fully universal in terms of viewing would be a help!


the site:





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looks ok for me; though i'm currently viewing on my pc at work.


i would suggest you empty your cache in safari or whatever you are trying to look at in on your computer, then clear your history...then re-start safari and take a look at the page. this happens to me often, and i forget i need to clear the cache.



good luck


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hi thanks for looking.


i did already try all the things you've suggested but still no joy.


i just cannot understand why when i preview the page from dreamweaver it works fine..then when i go to my blog address it doesn't!


can anyone else suggest anything?

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just tried it at home on my mac w/firefox....not working...just a blank white space.


did you try clearing the cache on your gf's computer then looking at it? maybe its stored in her cache and the encoding is actually wrong...




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hi again!


ok, i just reset my gf's browsers and it still works on her computer so that's not the problem.


funnily enough, when i tried it on camino it didn't work...which is even stranger.


and you said that it works on your PC at work?


this is weird!


i'm so confused!

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thanks for looking camillo.


which browser are you using?


also, i think that blogger is being very slow in general at the moment...but it has been that way for about a day now!


plus there's the fact that it works on my gf's Mac anyway!

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