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SW 1000XG worth keeping

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Hi there. I've just changed over from PC+Sonar to Mac+Logic within the last year and so sorry if this is a bit of a stupid question.

I'm thinking of getting a Mac Pro dedicated for music and leaving my iMac for iLife/family use etc. I have Yamaha SW1000XG and DSP factory cards in my old PC.

Is there any point in keeping them as additional sound source - would they work in the Mac Pro? Or am I just as well seeing what I can get on ebay.


All thoughts appreciated.


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sw1000xg was (maybe still) a brilliant card. I used it on my pc, combined with editors like xgwizzard, xgpad, etc you get with ease the power of a nice synth, only pc thought!


Another advantage of such card was the minimum requirements for a pc since all dsp processing was done by the card.


I'm keeping mine, i might assemble a small pc to reinstall it keep it stored only for the card. With such configuration you have to keep a copy of the OS, drivers, software, etc that work with the hardware at the time.


Whenever i sold equipment in the past, at some point down the line i regret it, i miss my novation nova.

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