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Logic not recognizing 16 bit 44 one shot samples to load


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hi David.


I took your Electronic Dance music production workshop in Jan. Darren and You were great.


but, I am using Logic Studio and I am having problems loading some samples. I have wav file samples that I am trying to Load into the EXS or Ultrabeat but Logic is telling me that some of the samples do not have readable file info. the weird thing is that some of the files work in Logic but some do not. And ALL of them can be used outside of Logic like in itunes or just previewing the samples. they all work, they are not corrupted files.


here is some pics.


as you can see there ARE differences in the file info as in ex. hats-misc 1 and 2. the file info for 2 isn't being read as a 16 bit wave by Logic AND in info of the file it includes an "author, title, comment, and copyright data" which the hat misc sample 1 does not include. and hat misc 1 IS being read by Logic but hat misc 2 IS NOT.


furthermore, I am getting an error message when I try loading these samples to the audio bin to load into the EXS or even if I try dragging them directly into the EXS edit window. here is a pic of the error message. it says "logical end of file reached during operation. result code -39"


please help me to figure this out.



thank you,




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Logic needs more of the files associated properties to work with it properly. So Logic will reveal problems with a file that the Finder or iTunes doesn't care about.


That error is storage related. Logic's expecting a marker that shows where the end of the file physically is on the disk. That marker's probably missing or maybe in the wrong spot.


Might be a disk error or a corrupt file. Try moving the file to another HD volume and see if you can import it into Logic from there. Are these files from a sample CD? Try copying them again from the CD. Just try one at a time to see if it helps.

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