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Logic Controller! Which?

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Hi all,


Just become a member tonight.. or this morning (1h30am). Hoping for some pearls of wisdom / advice.. as not a very technical person when it comes down to it !.. Looking to get a controller for logic express, that is user friendly, ie. easy to use, not complicated to set up = user friendly..


Essentially to be used to move faders / panning / etc.. = mixing ! use logic's effects (from compressors to limiters to etc..); use for additional vst's such as Kore, EZ Drummer, Guitar Rig 3. any other stuff it would do would be a bonus i guess.


Contenders so far. The new novation zero mk2 but still unsure wheher its a user friendly as it appears. I hear of the behringer bfc 2000. Or perhaps the Korg Nano's are the way to go !..


Any advice would be most pleasant to receive !


Thank you.



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My experience with Novatons Remote SLs and Automap is that they do not control Logic instruments whatsoever. I am currently looking to for a more intuitive way to control Logics instruments myself. I have Mackie Control Universal which is great for the mixing control but it looks like the Mackie C4 will be best suited to control the instruments.
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