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I'm getting a wierd pulsing

Stayboy Stereo

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Hey all -

I'm running LP8 on Leopard / Ensemble / Novation Remote 61 SL. I just did the software update for the ensemble & also Automap 3.0.

Now, when i open a new song & throw on a software synth, i'm getting a wierd pulsing before i've even played a note.


Any ideas?



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It's the new automap driver. I had the same problem. There is a continuous midi note on message. Your best bet would be to delete it and go back to Automap 2 until they sort it out.


Hey RobbinsEgg - just to let you know, there is a fix for this. I emailed Novation, and here is the reply:


Thanks for your e-mail,


HUI control sends a midi note message to let the DAW know that the controller is "online". By routing the "Automap HUI" port from the physical input to a monitor object in the Logic click and ports environment, this will stop this note message from getting to Logic and interfering with your project in any way.


Alternatively, you can use the Logic Automap (template 39) to control Logic as you probably would have done with Automap 2.


This totally works; i just did it. Create a monitor object in the environment, & connect the "Automap HUI" to it. just save the new setup as your default & you're good



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