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Trouble with audio devices.


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Hey guys, I'm a fairly new logic user and I was hoping someone could help me out. I'm a music technology student and I've been given clearance to use our lab during the Summer, and I really want to work with Logic in here since I have access. I'm having problems with audio devices, though.


The mixer is out of commission at the moment so right now the only way to input I can find is a quarter inch to usb cable (one of those light snake cables). I've got that going into the usb and I can get it to record in Logic by going to my audio preferences and choosing the usb device as my audio hardware, however then I can't hear anything because it outputs the signal to the same device.


How do I go about setting it up so I can have a separate input aside from the built in audio output? Basically I need to keep the audio preferences as having "built in output" selected while also being able to get the signal from my usb device. I've looked in the manual and haven't been able to find any help and so I'm posting here in hopes that someone can help me.


Thanks a lot

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In that case you have to create an aggregate device like I said before.

Go to Applications/Utilities/Audio Midi Setup

Then go Audio/Open Aggregate Device Editor and select the one you want to add and specify the function, input or output

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