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Hi Res Editing

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OK, here's a silly tip, which has come in handy for me.


Logic's arrange will display waveforms to sample accuracy but... we cannot edit them to sample accurate resolution... or can we?


The tick is the finest point we are able to edit to... and the tempo is capable of 5 to 9999. So the resolution is in there if we need it, we can put it to good use.


Logic uses 960 ticks within a Quarter note.


Variables are:


Session sample rate



Say we have a session at 48k. 4/4.


If we take 48000*60 we get 2,880,000. This would be number of points per minute we need to display, or samples per minute. Now we divide by Logic's PPQ:


2,880,000/960 = 3000


OK.... now we set the tempo to 3000 in this test session ( which you created along the way... ). Insert a region at measure 1. Then zoom in to the sample level in the arrange. Note: the arrange displays 2 levels of waveforms, sample and overview, and alternates based on zoom setting.


Enjoy your 3 minute song, and remember to use your tempo alternatives.



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