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"Creating Overview" on startup?


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Just upgraded to Snow Leopard and Logic Pro 9 and have been having all sorts of issues. Here's one of them. If I record a number of audio files into a project, close the project, then reopen it, I'll get the "Creating Overview" dialog for every new audio file I recorded during the previous session. If you do a few takes of multi-miked drum tracks, this can be *really* time consuming, causing delays of several minutes upon startup. Any idea what's causing this?



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Nobody gets the "creating overview" dialog on startup? I've noticed it even happens if I glue a couple audio regions together to create a new region. Closing that project and reopening it produces the dialog.


Can you think of anything that would prevent overviews being stored with the project the first time around?

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I get it now and then.


Along with the mysterious "Initializing Core Audio"- message which I have heard should have something to do with the changing of buffer size.


But I haven't changed buffer size and still get it from time to time.


I guess it has to do with Logic's "personality".

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I get it once in a while, but usually only once per track. If I record a new track or tracks, and then save and exit, I'll often get the recalculation next time I load the project. Personally I just checked the 'do it faster' button to speed it along - it takes hardly any time at all for me, so it's better to just let it do it's thing.


If it did it every time then I'd be a little more bothered, but as it is it's only once per track and usually on the next load of the project I'm not that fussed.



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Also the overview creation is much slower than in L8 and is a complete processor hog, so it can't be going in the background while you do something else.


It also reloads the whole song and begins the overview calculation anew when you update file info in the bin. Hooray. What a great new feature.


Thanks, Apple!


Insert whatever expletive you think might be appropriate.


Update: Every open, maybe a few files' overviews stick. I have changed permissions on all the files to read & write for everyone (if you're using your primary HD for audio, you can't ignore permissions).

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I'm running into the same issue after updating both my Mac and logic. My system is currently being used for live stream and recording of Church services on a large scale. I'm running 32 tracks, 17 busses, plus waves. It can take hours for it to rewrite the overviews and is getting quite frustrating. Looks like it's time to bite the bullet and switch to protools.


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Same happens for me.  Some projects never actually open because the overview freezes.  Brand new Apple Silicon laptop and latest version of Logic.  Does anyone from Apple monitor this discussion?  It seems like a fundamental blocker to using Apple Logic.  Who cares about this feature! Can it not be turned off?

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50 minutes ago, triplets said:

Creating overview is part of Logic when it loads the project into Ram. Nothing you can do about that.

The weird behavior is definitely project-related. I get it once in a while when I did a change to an audio file, saved an exited. But it's quick. Never froze on me.

Thanks - yes only one project affected - but i could only open project settings.  The project itself wouldn't actually open

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