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Korg Nano controllers & Mainstage


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I use the NanoKontrol in conjunction with a master keyboard. In order to be able to use any master keyboard provided at the gig, I only use its basic information (notes & sustain; pitchbend, mod wheel and volume pedal depending on the type of keyboard) and have the Nano Kontrol do the rest. Very handy, and very little to carry. Works fine.




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I can't get the XY pad to work properly...


I want to be able to assign the X and Y axis to two different parameters (i.e. 'gain' and 'volume', for instance) and then be able to contol them simultaneously when using the pad.


First problem is how exactly to 'Learn' the command? Select the parameter and then drag your finger along the bottom edge for the X axis and then the same for the next parameter and the Y axis? Hmm.


I've noticed that this is the output value for the xy pad when I drag my finger along the bottom of the pad in 'learn' mode:


B0 00 Lo7 B0 01 00 B0 10 Hi7


There must be some way to edit that to get the min/max for the xy pad right.


Also, should I have 'mode' set to direct, toggle, scaled, relative, rotate or X-OR?


On the NanoKontrol Program, I have the X and Y set to 'Control Change' but possibly this might be better to have as Pitch Bend?


One last thing, in the bottom of Logic where it shows the MIDI data, the xy pad doesn't have any 'sustain', i.e. when I drag my finger along the pad it will show values of 60, 80, etc but it won't hold at these values, after a second or two it will show 'No Input'.


Thanks for anyone wanting to shine some light on this!

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