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Can't include marker or tempo in bounced Logic projects?

Robert Wilson

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  • 2 weeks later...

I can't seem to get all my playback tracks to sync with Ultrabeat properly.

What I'm trying to do is play Ultrabeat patterns so they beat-match the Playback and, of ten tracks, two of them match up pretty well but the others don't.


I originally thought my Logic projects were off the beat but apparently not.

Still puzzling over it.

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Replying to myself here:


I've noticed that some of my playback tracks appear to have the waveform start just after the start line. (about a tenth of a beat or so)

This is odd as the logic projects I've used start right on the beat.


I've tried switching snap off and inserting a marker right on the beginning of the waveform but it always snaps to the beat.

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And again:


I found that by importing the offending CAF backing tracks into the logic project I could see a little gap at the start of the region before the audio starts.


I've no idea why this happens but trimming the offending empty space gives a workaround of sorts.


The file is exported again as CAF but the sync feature becomes disabled again. Nonetheless I can at least get it to start at the right place.

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