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Logic 8 Project - No Sound!


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Hey Everyone,


Not sure if this is the right section to post my question. I hope so...


I'm posting my question here as well as on a couple other forums to see what happens. I have heartache over this trouble I'm having. I made a song for my mom who is terminally ill, and Logic is now acting goofy on me, right as I'm trying to wrap up this project! Anyway...


Last night I was working on my audio project in Logic. It's got several tracks of MIDI, and several of pure audio.


I did the following...


  • Added a track, put an Evoc20 (vocoder) on it.
  • Sidechained vocoder to an audio track, and played with various vocoder presets. Pretty cool.
  • Added another track.
  • Opened "Environment" window, added an arpeggiator.
  • Assigned arpeggiator to new track, dragged MIDI file to new track, and played with various arpeggiator settings.
  • I liked the arpeggiator, so I plugged it in to another track as well and it sounded pretty nice.

I saved my project, closed Logic, but left my iMac on overnight (I've done this before).


This morning, I listened to everything again. I decided that I liked everything how it was originally, without vocoder and arpeggiator. So, I...


  • Went to "Environment" window.
  • Clicked on arpeggiator icon.
  • Deleted arpeggiator.
  • Deleted the Evoc20, and arpeggiator tracks in Logic's arrange window.

Now all of a sudden my song does not play ANY sound at all! Nothing is muted, nothing is solo-ed. When I look at the region, the midi notes are there, or the audio waves are there. When I open the MIDI piano roll window and click on notes, I get sound.


Other Logic projects play sound. Just not this one. All my regions are there with waves or MIDI, but it's like Logic is not seeing it. Has this happened to anyone here before? If so, do you know of a solution?


It's probably something simple that I'm just overlooking. But I can't seem to figure it out. So far the only thing I can think of doing is dragging all my files to a new project and copying the channel strip settings. Would like to avoid that though.


If anyone has any thoughts, that'd rock. Thanks!


- d.

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