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cut a 80 minutes mix into multiple track for cd audio


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Hello everybody, i'm new with logic pro 9 and i would like your help.


i'm a dj and i recorded an 80 minutes mix on logic pro 9, i would like to cut this mix into multiples track (like a normal cd) i tried to cut the mix into multiples track in logic but after i bounce all the track i get only 1 file.


anyone got a solution???????


thanks a lot

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- Bounce one long file of the entire mix and put it on a new track

- Place cuts in that Region where the transitions are

- Arrangement/Audio/Convert Regions To Individual Audio Files

- Drag all those newly created files into your CD burning software

- Set the Pause value to 0 seconds (it usually defaults to 2 seconds)

- Burn


Alternatively you could export just the Region definitions to the long file and then use a burning software that can read them from the mix file, but I found this to be way more hassle than it's worth.




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Yep. Note also that if you want the marks to show up when importing the CD in an iTunes import you need to submit the CD track information to CDDB.


1. Burn the CD with the marks/tracks.

2. Import to iTunes.

3. Mark the track names, artists inside iTunes, command-I et rest.

4. Select from menu Advanced-Submit CD Track names.


That's it.

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