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No Menu when Clicking Inserts


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If I create a software instrument track and set the I/O to EZDrummer and I assign an insert like T-Racks3 (or anything else I have tried) why cant I click it and select "No Plugin" like I can on the audio tracks?


I keep having to delete the tracks and recreating them if I want to change the insert. I am sure I am missing something painfully simple.

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It seems to happen on any track I create.


1) Create an audio track

2) Click an insert button, it opens a menu for me to select a plugin. I select any plugin. The plugin window opens, it apply it to the channel strip.


If I click the insert button that is assigned to a plugin, no option for "No-Plugin" pops up. No pop up menu shows up at all.


I cant unassign an insert to a track.


Am I doing something wrong?

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As it turns out it seems to be some sort of lag. I do get the menu if I click and hold for almost a second. Then the menu pops up.


Im not sure if its supposed to be like that, seems a bit odd. But as long as it works.


Actually here I don't have to click-hold, I can simply click, but then I do have to wait a few hundred ms before the menu opens.

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