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Anyway to ditch the GM Device?


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Environment->MIDI instruments layer, select the GM object and delete it.


Not quite, but I may have uncovered something that will help with what I'm trying to do. By creating an Apple Quicktime object, the GM Device is removed from the library menu for external instruments. If that can stick on my template (after deleting the object), I'm all set...


Edit: it doesn't stick to my template. Seems I'd have to tinker with Quicktime, or the OS itself.


Edit #2: This is probably a bad idea. If the quicktime synth were actually disabled Logic probably wouldn't know how to handle that. So I imagine anyway.

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Everytime I go to create a new external MIDI device (with the "+" button) Logic creates a GM device in the environment. You can delete it, and yes, it will be removed from the library as Fader8 said, but the next time you create a new MIDI track Logic will create a new GM device.


What I'm trying to do is to never see the GM device (e.g. you can turn off the IAC ports or whatever other devices are in your Audio/MIDI Setup app) when I create a new MIDI track.


I thank the both of you for taking the time to help, but in my attempts at figuring this out I've decided it's really not worth the trouble.

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