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Horns - Velocity control


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I'm dying to know if anyone has a way to control the velocity setting ( in a live setting) for the Horn section. Setting the Velocity value up high will allow me to get that 'slide down' effect when I do a stab. I am not a horn player so my terminology may be off.


I can get it to fall or not fall by playing light or hard, but there is a fine line and sometimes the effect is there when I don't want it to be.


Any technique words of wisdom would be appreciated.

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The terms I know for that effect are "fall", "fall-off" or "horn fall". (You hear them most often in the wild in the autumn or during big band festivals in late summer). Though I meant what I said about the terminology. :mrgreen:


I think what you want is to adjust the velocity threshold between the non-falling and falling samples. What sampler are you using? Once we know that then your curiosity can be satisfied. Wouldn't want you dying for want of knowing, you know...

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What sampler are you using?


Any of the Horn settings.




:idea: Click!




Oh, I see. It is the Sample that is either a set fall or no fall. The velocity setting will determine which one.



Gently hitting the keys will produce a weak sound with no fall, while aggressively hitting the keys produces the fall (with the velocity set properly).




I guess I can do a floating split on the keyboard and have the upper section with falls and the lower section w/o.




Two identical channel strips with a fall on one channel and no fall on the other.

The velocity scaling on the no fall will sound loud, soft and climb back to loud.



I am basically looking for a way to turn on/off the Velocity setting for the fall using a controller.


Back to experimenting.


Thanks Ski. :wink:


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You can modify that program so that it responds to a controller very easily. In the matrix modulation section, look at the left-most slot: it's probably set so that "sample select" is set to respond to velocity. Change velocity to a controller of your choice. See if that woiks!
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Okay - nailed it!


I am using the horns in the EXS.


Two things need to be set in Main Stage.


The Velocity Scaling needs to be set so that the input velocity is well below 127 and the output is 127. Depending on the input setting, the horns will fall based on how hard the keys are hit. If the Input setting is higher (towards 127), all the keys may not fall. The Lower the Input value is set, the more keys played will fall.




Now to control this simply set up a 'mod/pitch wheel' in the Layout, Learn it to a controller (i.e. Mod wheel or foot expression pedal), and map it to the EXS - crossfade - velocity offset. To make it work faster, set the hi/low values to about +/- 5.


At the -5 setting there will be no fall, at the +5 the horns fall.


I have it set so when my pedal is in the 'up' position everything is normal. In the 'down' position, the horns fall. This can be done by clicking the invert box.


I am also finding a few other settings where the horns will play loud, get quiet and then rise back up in volume.


So, it seems Main stage is capable of doing just about anything the expensive Motif$ and Fantom$ can do with the Horns.



I don't know if it makes sense to you, but it's working ( so far ) for me.




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Hey SMT,


Nice work in MainStage. I was able to replicate your technique, albeit with slightly different velocity mapping - maybe the difference here is keyboard sensitivity and lack thereof by the performer.


Tough crowd out there today........ :wink:


Thanks Doug,


The Keyboard sensitivity is working, but playing live I can't always contain my excitement. That's why the foot control will work out. The Velocity Scaling will give a few different effects. The Floating keyboard range setting is a neat feature too.


I do feel like I am having a twilight zone moment with all this. However, it is working and totally under control. Main Stage is getting interesting for me.


I may need to have a look at a breath controller for my DX-7, dust off the talk box and/or set up vocoders.

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That's a mighty fine looking specimen of monofilament line.......... Do you think she's casting aspersions?? Or just fishing for complements.....



But back to MainStage - the product is very good. I've dug into most of it and while it aint perfect, it can do some amazing things. I'm going to hook up my guitar MIDI controller this week to see how the combination of Amp Designer and some soft synths can work out.

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