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Logic 7 install discs lost


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I am buying a new Macbook pro and i have lost my Logic 7 install discs. I have the Logic 9 upgrade and the xs key for 7. Can i drag all the Logic 7 software to the new laptop before installing Logic 9 or do i have to install 7 via the dvds? Thanks


The key should be all you need for the upgrade. Follow the instructions and have your Logic 9 serial number ready when asked for it.


... and PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! put your software in a safe place so you don't lose it after the upgrade. :wink:

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Hi Triplets, I have a download of 7.2 but I think I need to have either 7.0 or 7.1 installed first ... Byland, I think your 2nd or 3rd options could work. Are either/both clean install discs?

I also have the 7.1 upgrade disk plus content disc.

And another 7.1 Not For Resale version.

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