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After upgrade to snow leopard, projects won't open!


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I have just upgraded from Tiger and I burned some projects to dvd beforehand.

Now Logic won't open some of them - " The document cannot be opened", and I cannot copy them to my hard drive - "The Finder can’t complete the operation because some data in “.DS_Store” can’t be read or written"

(Error code -36)










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What did you use to burn the DVDs? I undertook a massive archiving issue about two years ago. I had many old projects that needed to be "future proofed" due to older versions of projects not being able to load into Logic 8 and now 9.


I had found that many of my archival DVDs had data issues and I linked all that back to the use of Toast. Fortunately I was able to get everything off the DVDs but it took a lot of work and I still ended up losing 2 vocal files. That's not bad out of the sheer number of projects.


What I learned is that it's a great idea to stem out every track and make audio files of the virtual instruments. Additionally, I now keep backups on hard drives, and DVDs. Also, I now use the finder to burn the DVDs and I double check them by copying the files back off the DVD prior to considering them archived. I do that to make sure they will copy back off the disc. I do it to another computer to make sure different optical drives can read it.


I don't want to go thru all that again - it was a major pain in the arse.


So, what did you use to burn your DVDs? Did you double check them when you burned them? Do you have another computer to check the DVDs with?

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Thx for your reply, it sounds like it could be the issue.

I used Toast 8.0.3 and did check the dvd after the burn, but I must have checked the projects that are still working.

I live far from civilization, and don't have another mac around to check.

I have checked the audio files on my windows platform, with no luck.

Any suggestions?

thx again...

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I had a nearly 95% failure rate on DVD burns when using Toast - this despite Toast's verification claiming it was 100% accurate. I've found that using the Burn folder right in OS X has yielded nearly 100% accurate and correct burns.


If you can't pull the files off the DVD with your PC, it's probably an issue with the DVD and the burn. Which means that it's gonna be hard to get those files back. Precisely why I always made multiple copies of files on DVDs, redundancy.


I found that trying discs in different drives sometimes allowed me to get some files off that another drive could not. Which is why I suggest trying another computer.


To be clear this is not a problem with Logic. It's a problem with the DVD and the Burn.

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The Finder can’t complete the operation


I can think of several possible causes for the error you're seeing, but this trick might get around it.


Insert the DVD, and open it in the Finder. Locate a folder you care about, but don't open the folder. Control-click on the folder, and select Compress [folder name]. This would normally create a zip archive of that folder in the same location as the folder. However, since the DVD is read-only, I think the zip archive will instead be written to your desktop. Look for it there, and try opening it. There are reasons why the error that appeared before might not appear if you follow these steps.


If that doesn't work, there are some other things you can try, but it probably makes sense to try that first.

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I'd just like to STRONGLY second what jwhitesides said about making audio files out of VIs. I recently had to open some older archived projects and there were several tracks that had VIs i no longer had. Atmosphere for one. And Kontakt 3. I now have Kontakt 4 on my latest music computer but not 3 because i went from PPC to Intel. If i'd had audio files of the tracks in question i would have been mostly fine. In one case it was just a remix and in another i would have had to recreate the VI sound to then change key and edit and an audio file would have made life SO much easier. Who knows what will happen with Processors and Software and backward compatibility and all that, but my money is the audio files in today's file formats will still be playable for as long as we can imagine
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