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Opening .bu (mx2424) files

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Is there a way to get Logic to open the .bu files? These are the ethernet backup files created by the MX2424 through the MX-View software. Better yet, is there a way to get the MX2424 to create OpenTL files through the Ethernet backup feature?


My MX2424 is connected to a PC via ethernet. I need to get the 2424's files onto my Macbook Pro and Logic. I use OS X Snow Leopard.

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I share the same problem. I have posted the question on the Tascam forum, a more likely place to get an answer I believe. I have also posted it on a couple of other internet forums. FYI,Tascam forum is here: http://tascamforums.com/index.php?showforum=13

Btw, it will cost you $4. to join the forum, it's member supported.

If/when you get an answer please post it on LPH forum.

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I got my problem solved. My guess you are having the same trouble. First, load your project files (.BU). Second, render any tracks that have been cut up. Third, tapemode convert the project. Finally, export as .wav files. That should do it. It worked for me, except I converted to SD2 files.
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