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M-Audio USB Keystation not working...


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i have recently purchased logic pro and am still currently figuring it out. one thing that i'm stuck on is using a MIDI keyboard (m-audio usb keystation 49e) with logic. it's all connected and when i hit notes whether on midi tracks or instrument tracks, it displays the note in the transport window and a light flashes below the volume of the track, but no sound. even after i record, there is no noise on playback. but when i bring in a garageband song with tracks controlled by the keyboard, i can suddenly hear what i play but on only those tracks, not new ones. i can't figure out what to do. m-audio.com says that the usb connection requires no drivers or nothing; just plug in and play. the keyboard works fine in garageband, but doesn't in logic. i looked at the reference manual a bit, but i was wondering if this is a unique problem or something else.


someone please help!



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