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audio hardware and drivers


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hello guys, finally i got everything to work in logic how i want it but the hard ware and drivers setting, i have 48 gb left on my 2.0ghz macbook (black)with 512 mb of ram, now i had a powerbook and it ran logic beautifully, so since the mac book is pretty much like a g5 in a notebook i thought it would run correctly. i notice small lags in the sequencer and I have to set the metronome up manually all the time. on the earlier versions of logic, all i had to do is click on the metronome button, now i have to hold on to the metronome and then wait for metronome settings and then i have to check the play through the speakers option. Even if i save the metronome settings on my preset .lso i end up having to set everything up again and by the way the sequencer is lagging, so what are some of you who use logic's audio hardware and driver settings. sorry for the run on sentences
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