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Post Production Plug-In Help - A good normalize tool?


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Using Logic Pro 7 on a Mac PowerBook G4, 1.33 GHz with 1.25 GB of Ram. Couple questions:


Looking for a good post-production plug-in tip, and how to normalize an audio track. I have a recorded audio track from a film short, that i pulled from a quick-time movie in Logic Pro 7. the track is already in sync with the video clip. However, the audio of course if much louder in some parts, than other parts. some parts have high noise floor hiss, and some don't.


Already tried using many plug-ins like DeNoiser for the hiss (didn't really work to well at all), the Expander (worked much better) and some simple eq's (Parametric eq, to try and cut the hiss frequency at about 9400 Hz, and a Fat Eq for some dialogue quality bump).


If you double click any region, the audio window comes up for that audio selection - i've tried using the gain feature to a good degree for sections, but here is my question:


Is there a better plug-in or several i could be using to maybe normalize the entire audio track first, then do some simple automation hyper draw in parts, or am i pretty much stuck with cutting many audio regions out of the main track, processing each seperately with gain and plug-ins, and then still running all the automation too? cuz it's taking a while, i was wondering if there's a quicker post-production tip!



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