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Upgrading to Tiger - Advice?

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I'm making the move from 10.3.8 to Tiger.


Things I'm wondering... will the install recognize my Apple loops library and not duplicate it?


Anything to back up besides my Components? I don't want to do an Archive and Install like I did last time, so I've made a copy of all my AUs that are in the system folder. And all the ones that aren't in the system too.


Easy install versus Custom? I saw a huge item on the instal disk for over a GB for printer drivers but I never use this machine for printing. Does it matter? I could just delete those files later if I wanted to free up the space.


Why does the install need 3 GB of space?!? Is this because of apple loops or is Tiger really that much bigger? Or My current system folder is just over a GB.


I know some people recomend backing up everything on a separate drive but I don't have another except for my project drive and there's not enough space there.


Any advice will be appreciated! This is my second OS upgrade, the first one went pretty well but I'm still a bit nervous.





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I don't remember if I upgraded to Tiger or did a clean install since this was a couple of years ago, but if you do custom install you could specify what gets installed and what not like all those different language files (including chinese which is a huge folder) and printer drivers you don't need. Just uncheck what you don't want installed, it will be way quicker. Clean install is always recommend regardless.
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