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Free hands-on Logic Pro Classes, Special Guests...

David Nahmani

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Hello everybody,


I will be teaching Logic Pro classes at two upcoming events in Los Angeles: Remix Hotel and TAXI Road Rally 2007.


The Remix Hotel is free (Register online), while the TAXI Road Rally is free for TAXI members (not sure if non-members can attend).


All of the workshops are free and are hands-on (each attendee will be setup with a station including a Mac computer and MIDI Keyboard), however it is highly recommended to reserve your seat by registering online on Apple's website:


Logic Pro Classes Registration Link


Remix Hotel Logic Pro Classes: Everyday, November 2, 3 & 4th:


3:30 PM Creating Analog Sounds with Software Instruments

This class will show how to make huge analog synth-bass sounds using the ES1 and other Logic Pro soft instruments. You will learn how to use de-tuning, mono or “unison” modes as well as instrument layering to get those fat, rich sounds. If time permits we’ll also explore side-chaining so stick around!



4:30 PM and 7:30 PM Apple Loops Explained; The Industry’s Best Kept Secret

In this class we’ll demonstrate what an Apple Loop is, how to use the Loop Browser, including an in-depth look into the power of customized filters. You will also get a quick course in making your own loops from audio files from any program and using them in your mix.



5:30 PM Create a song from scratch and burn a CD

And isn’t this the heart of the matter? This class will jam through all the steps to create a basic song including beat creation using step input, recording a bass line while quantizing in real time and sweetening with a loop or two. Then we’ll rapidly cover basic arranging techniques; move, copy, repeat, use of aliases and loops, using the marquee tool to create breaks in looped sections, and polish the whole mix by using a few plug-ins… then we’ll burn it all onto a CD!



6:30 PM Recording and Editing audio

First you will receive a quick run-down on the basics of recording audio and using Logic’s powerful included DSP and famous channel strip feature, then we’ll jump into Audio editing; marquee, cuts, fades, cross-fades, reverse-audio, automation and mix.



On top of those classes, there will be special guest appearances in Apple's presentation room:



Few artists can lay claim to establishing an entire genre of music, but Photek is surely one who can. Having been one of the founding fathers of Drum & Bass he was signed early on by Virgin Records, where he released 3 seminal albums expanding across the borders of his genre. He is often seem as the "artists artist" having picked up fans such as David Bowie, Trent Reznor, Bjork and Andre 3000 of Outkast. Now a resident of Los Angeles, Photek's work has appeared in Hollywood movies, television and video games from the Italian Job, to CSI Miami, to The Matrix, Path of Neo. Photek's new label imprint "TEKDBZ" sees him forging yet more uncharted territory combining hip hop with drum & bass production. With TEKDBZ shows, selling out The House of Blues on Sunset Blvd., we can expect the next new chapter in music to come from Photek's camp. Come experience Logic Pro in the hands of a Drum & Bass master.





The distinct stamp of BT’s pioneering stutter edits and glitchy break beats are now firmly imprinted into the fabric of electronic music. BT has recorded 6 critically acclaimed solo records that span a wide range of sonic territory. He is in demand as a live performer, preferring a laptop rather than turntables, and is currently ranked at number 22 in the DJ List top 100. Not stopping there, his partial list of movie scores includes the blockbuster hit “The Fast and the Furious” as well as the haunting tonal background for “Monster”. His latest record/DVD “This Binary Universe” was described by Keyboard Magazine as follows. “In a hundred years, it could well be studied as the first major electronic work of the new millennium. It’s that good.” Come and learn why Logic Pro forms the backbone of BT’s musical vision in this special two hour clinic. An exclusive 5.1 screening of This Binary Universe will follow at 9:30




DJ Revolution

One of the most respected Hip Hop DJ’s in the world, DJ Revolution has manned the turntables for LA’s Power 106 “The Wake Up Show” for 8 years running. Together with hosts Sway and King Tech, they command a syndicated worldwide audience of 12 million listeners weekly, A critically acclaimed beat maker scratch wizard and turntablist, Rev has appeared on dozens of records. Learn why Logic Pro is his production weapon of choice.




Josh Gabriel

Gabriel & Dresden have created an astonishing 14 Number 1 Billboard dance hits. Their tracks have been licensed to over 50 different compilations, including DJ Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, and Pete Tong. Josh Gabriel, who holds down all engineering and production duties for Gabriel & Dresden is a deeply knowledgeable and fervent Logic user. His clinics contain a wealth of production tips and tricks, and always few surprises as well.





Celldweller, is the pseudonym for the fierce vision of tech genius, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Klayton. If you've watched movies and television or played any video games in the last three years, you've already heard his innovative blend of aggressive electronic rock. His tracks appear in Superman Returns, Spider-Man 2, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Doom, Need For Speed: Most Wanted and Enter The Matrix as well as the theme song for Criss Angel's A&E show Mindfreak. With over a million plus hits on MySpace and over five thousand listens per day, Klayton has forged a truly independent empire. Come and see the production tips and techniques that define the sound of Celldweller.


http://www.celldweller.com and www.myspace.com/celldweller

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Hey this is just the start. I'm sure in the future you'll see more events like these, around the world. I think so far the Remix Hotel is only in NY and LA.


Hi David,


Make sure everyone knows that they have to separately register for both the Remix hotel and your Apple seminars. Also, I'm a little confused by the Apple schedule posted:

Apple Main Room



3:00 PM Introduction to Logic Pro

4:00 PM Beats and Breaks using Logic’s Ultrabeat

5:00-7:00 PM Shocklee Inntertainment Panel Series

7:00 PM Photek

8:00 PM DJ Revolution



3:00 PM Introduction to Logic Pro

4:00 PM Beats and Breaks using Logic’s Ultrabeat

5:00 PM Shocklee Inntertainment Panel Series

7:00 PM BT

8:00 PM BT

9:30 PM Exclusive screening of “This Binary Universe”



3:00 PM Advanced Techniques in Logic Pro

4:00 PM Beats and Breaks using Logic’s Ultrabea

t 5:00 PM Shocklee Inntertainment Panel Series

7:00 PM Josh Gabriel

8:00 PM Klayton of Celldweller



How does your classes fit in with these? Are you the "Advanced Techniques in Logic Pro"?? or the "Beat and Breaks...."? Or are those separate, open classes to yours?


Also, do you know how it will work for the artist appearances? Do you just hang out somewhere and wait--first come first serve--or is there some sign-up? And lastly, do you know if significant others can show up for the evening artist appearances?? I guess I can have her sign up too....





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The classes you list are in the "Main Apple Room", a 30 seat amphitheatre that will probably receive more people than that. I don't think it's necessary to register for those presentations.


My classes are in a side room. You have to register for them because they are limited to 12 seats and they are hands-on: each one of those 12 persons will get a mac and a MIDI Controller to work with.


You can register to the Remix Hotel as you arrive to the event, however online registration might save you some time.

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Oui, j'habites Paris, mais je suis actuellement a Vienne. Mais j'aurais bien voulu etre a Los Angeles hier soir !!!


J'espére que tout le monde a appris plein de bonne choses, et qu'ils n'hesitent pas a en parler sur ce forum fort sympathique. :D

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J'ai la chance d'habiter la Rue du Poteau dans le 18 eme. C'est juste derrière la Butte Montmartre, entre Sacré Coeur et Porte de Clignancourt. Un quartier trés commercant, très vivant et pas trop cher entre le coté "chic" de Lamarck Caulaincourt et le populaire de Clignancourt. Bref, je m'y plais bien!


Je connais bien bastille, c'est un excellent quartier. J'ai bossé au Studio de la Bastille pendant quelques temps comme preneur de son.

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La butte Montmartre! Le meilleur quartier de Paris! Le 18eme: L'arrondissement des musiciens!


Est-ce que tu te souviens de cet hopital qui avait ete transforme en grand studio de repetes pour musiciens? Je repetais la bas a l'epoque... il y avait aussi Kolinka (Telephone), les gars de la Mano Negra, Lofofora..... du bon temps!

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Non, je ne connais pas, sauf si c'est le studio auquelle je pense qui se trouve prés de Chateau Rouge... La ou se trouve les locaux de répète de FFF.


Téléphone, ahhh... c'est vieux ca ! MDR, j'etais encore qu'un gamin dans les années 80 :P


A vrai dire j'ai pas trop suivi la culture pop francaises, mais je kiffe Gainsbourgh. "Cargo Culte" = enorme!

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