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Pro-advice needed!!! (Waves L3 or something else?)

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Im upgrading my Logic to 7.2./MacBook from an old Logic 5.2./ Emac.

Ive been using Waves Native power pack and its so old i don't

even have iLok on that. My question is this: I obviously have to

upgrade it but is it worth the hassle? I would only use UltraMaximizer from the pack anyway... Should i just get a better plugin for that?


I am currently looking for a mastering plugin that would do the job professionally for my customers when i send my demos to them.

( to add that final touch :D )


How big is the difference between L3 and L1?


Does anybody have experience of using L1 an then moving up to L3?

How BIG is the difference?


Than there's Izotope Ozone which is less than 200 euros but will it REALLY do the job or is it a choice for the weekend-musician? Is Ozone better that L1?


I've gone thru the normal internet-reviews but it would be much

appreciated to get a feedback from a person who's using L3.

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Ozone is a great product but it doesn't compare to the L3 or the Sony Oxford. If you can I'd say go with the Oxford. I haven't used it but all the results I've heard from it are phenomenal. Another option is the TC Electronic MD3 which is pulled from the TC Electronics System 6000, though it may be exclusive to Powercore.
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The oxford plug ins are available for power core or pro tools at the moment. TC is very slow in developing their power core driver for intel macs.

What you need is not the limiter, but the inflator, because is has a similiar approach like the L1 or L3.

Sony announced to develop a native, universal AU version of the inflator. That is the format for logic. I recommend the inflator. Demos are available, but only for the above stated systems at the moment.



Cheers, Peter

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I'd have to disagree with sondod. I think OZONE 3 is alot better than the L3. It's my first call limiter.Having said that, I have not tried any of the Sony products. Also with OZONE,you get a fantastic exciter, multiband compresor, eq, and more. You just need to sit down with it for a few hours the first time and see what it can actually do.

I hope this helps....



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