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Can't access project settings...?


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I have this problem with certain projects I receive from friends, where I can change any of the settings in the project>settings menu. the only one I can is consolidate.

I need to change the settings so any audio files brought in to the project are copied to the folder. At the moment I can't process files without getting messages saying, "not allowed".

The files aren't locked or anything like that, and have read and write privileges.


Any ideas?

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The song was most likely not saved as a project. Maybe the project folder and included folders were created in the Finder, and Logic considers the song as a regular song, not a project folder.


Make sure the song is consolidated or saved as a project and you should be able to access the project settings.


As for your other issue, it is unrelated. I suggest you keep one issue/thread. Start a new thread and give more details on the error message and when you're getting it.

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