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Classroom interface for both Logic Pro and Pro Tools

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Yes, returning to that old chestnut (yes I have looked at the old posts)...

Setting up a classroom for a music technology course where both ProTools and Logic Pro are being taught (using new Mac Pros) what's the best solution with regard to audio interfaces? Options I have in mind are:


i) MBox2Pro for both Logic and PT

ii) MBox2Pro for PT, some other small FW interface (Saffire? Edirol?) for Logic

iii) M-Audio Ozonic keyboard/interface for PT, some other small FW interface for logic.


Any other suggestions would be gratefully received, but please don't suggest a high end interface like an RME FF800; however wonderful, it's way overspecced and expensive for this environment. I am aware that Digidesign and M-Audio hardware has a poor reputation for quality and reliability, but it's a fact of life that ProTools has to be offered to the students.





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