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pls help on this!!!!!


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hi ppl,


right ,now wen i load up my logic song, for some reason it is now sayin.....


error reading/writting file



then i cancel that and this comes up...


the prefrences are not loaded completely.


do not save them, as you would overwrite the prfrences file with incomplete data!!


now...my song loads up, and it runs as normal but iv no sound comin out, its something to do with the motu but when i go to my prefrences to make sure my motu is runnin in the audio bit , it says...no drivers. also it says no plugins too and i seem to have lost one of my plugins....


man this is doin my nut in, pls help someone, im sure its simple but i cant sus it out.


cheers nathan

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OH MY GOD as soon as i submited that, i realised wat it was!!!



for some reasonb the enable button was off, wat a freak lol



now i am one happy mofo...


this is my first time usin logic so if theres any pros that can help me get the best out of it, pls let me know





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