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what mac is best???

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thank you, is that any good? also , if i delete loads of old reason refills and stuff wil that help?


Machine Model: eMac

CPU Type: PowerPC G4 (3.3)

Number Of CPUs: 1

CPU Speed: 1 GHz

L2 Cache (per CPU): 256 KB

Memory: 768 MB

Bus Speed: 133 MHz

Boot ROM Version: 4.64f1

Serial Number: VM345240PP2







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It looks like you have sufficient memory. (I used 512MB RAM on my PBG4 with no problems at all.) depending on your hard drive size, I don't see the refills being the culprit of your issue. Maybe Dave can chime in here, I'm not at my Mac at the moment but will bemore than happy to help out a little later today.
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