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edits with zero crossing


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is there an easy....quicker way to edit with zero crossings rather than having to go into the audio or sample editor window? also I thought all edits done in the editor window were permanent changes to the audio file....quite scary.



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You can edit on zero crossings in three different windows (editors): the audio window, the sample editor and in the arrange editor. All you have to do is enable "search zero crossings". Each "window" (or editor) has its own independent search zero crossings selector... Here's where you find them:


In the audio window and the sample editor it's located under their edit menus.


In the arrange editor it's located in the "local" audio menu.


All edits made in arrange are sample accurate and they're "region" edits which don't effect the actual waveform file stored on your hard drive which makes them "non-destructive".


Likewise, the audio window acts upon regions too, not waveform files. Note that the audio window edits are accurate only to 256 samples... good only for broad strokes!


The sample editor, on the other hand is the only editor that actual edits the wave form file on your hard drive. It's sample accurate too.


I hope this answers your question!


Have fun....

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