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VST plugins config file editing


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Is there a way to edit Logics vst plugin config files that It creats?Reason is that some of my plugins arent listed correctly .Some vst synths show up in vst fx and other way around.I guess i might be anal about it but I just like having my menus all clean and in orderI It dosent effect functunality it just looks messy to me.
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I know what you mean!

Had the same problem but solved when I made a new folder called Keyboards.

I crtl+X all the dll's(and the other including files CFG-file ext. into the new folder.

The problem to why your Logic finds (or puts) your keys in the vst folders is because some of the new produced keyplugs can be used either as keyboards or as plugin fx and Logic has hard time to figure out if its a Vsti or a vst plugin (I don’t know if the same problem occurs in the new versions on mac)

I'm using 5.5.1 which works fine and I figure out this much about it.



You can move all Dll's and categorize them in which way you like.

For instance, I categorize my plugs into folder from the company.

For instance I just got the Amplitube 2 and I have it in my Ik multimedia folder.

I also got the new Blue tubes 3: Analog signature pack( these are outstanding), Eq pack, the dynamic pack and the analog trackbox installing them into my Nomad factory folder.

Here is a link to those GREAT sounding plugins (at least if you are working with rock...)



Hope this helps a little.


It's logic

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