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help! projects opening with bad mixes and 8-bit issues


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i've been using logic for about a year without any real issues, then recently this week i was trying to open a couple tracks that were perfect (well mixed properly). when i opened the projects several tracks popped up messages saying they were in an 8-bit format and were incompatible, while other plugins read as simply unrecognizable by logic, and all my channel strip settings had been changed. i know they had been saved properly because i had opened them several times without issues, and i don't understand the compatibility issues since all the plugins and recordings were done within the program. Please help! i have hours of hard work potentionally ruined.


logic 9

apogee duet

axiom pro

rockit 8s

imac intel duo 2 gig ram

500gig usb external

500 gig firewire external

multiple guitars and mics

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