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Capslock Velocitys to Channel

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i like to use my computer keyboard as an controller and i like to push the resources that i already got thats why i prepared an environment that increases the control options of Logics Capslock Keyboard by the factor of 7.


Logics Capslock keyboard can output 10 octaves (from -2 to +7)

that implies 10 x 12 = 120 Keys. This is a lot and covers all the push button controls you might need.


Hint: You can define Capslock Keys in the controller assignments to mute and solo fader groups for example.


I noticed that the Capslock Keyboard ouputs 7 fixed velocitys with the letter keys above the spacebar ( y/z to m). With the Capslock you always send constant velocitys so that this values can be splitted to increase the control options. That implies then 10 x 12 x 7 = 840 controllers. Horray :lol:




(From left to right)


The Capslock Keyboard is connected to the Mapped Instrument "SPLIT CAPS" which splits the octaves of the Capslock.

All notes of Octave -2 are routed to cable 2

all notes of Octave -1 are routed to cable 3

all other to cable 1


The incomming velocitys of octave -2 are splitted by the transformer "VEL TO CH"


Notice tha map inside the transformer "VEL TO CH" totally illogical which means it's buggy as hell and only god understands what happens there. I set it up by try and error. look inside say hallelulja and closed it again without touching it. :lol:


In the monitors next to the "VELOCITY SPLIT" channelsplitter display how the notes are splitted by velocity. I connected the output of velocity 98 to an other mapped instrument. TIt assigns the incoming notes to midi channels.


And the monitors on the right side display how each note is splitted.

The Manuals can be used as notepads for routing set ups too.


Have Fun.



Capslock Velocitys to Channel.logic.zip

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