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IAC ReWired MIDI Cabling in Environment? [SOLVED]

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Hi Y'all. A fairly specific question. I want to do some IAC rewired midi sequencing and also have a scales template that I can switch between. I have made a rough and ready set up but my there is no sound (the monitor indicates there should be) when I am routed to my 0 cable switch option even with channel strips other then those in the picture. Is there a simple solution to this mess? I am fairly new to logic's environment so any help would be appreciated...


I might also add that this forum is a godsend for people like me :lol:





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Suggest you bypass the Modulator Deluxe first to see if you get sound. You can add another cable switcher to make it easier to bypass.


Observation: when the cable switcher is set to "1" you're sending your MIDI data to both the Sequencer Input as well as the instruments pictured in your setup. Are you sure that's what you want?

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Thanks for the quick reply


You were right even with the modulator bypassed and the cable switcher heading straight into the monitor/sequencer input there is no sound???


The reason I have that routing is because I am rewiring midi sequences using the Five12 program numerology via the transformers in the picture. The actual video of the process is here.



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Thanks for providing the link, but without having an (audio) verbal explanation as you're showing the various components it was too hard to follow.


No sound: I'm assuming that you've got a track (or tracks) in the arrange page assigned to instruments and set to record-ready, correct?


More troubleshooting, using just your controller keyboard, and forgetting about all of your other Environment components... Going to pare this down to the bare essentials...


1) with the Physical Input (PI) cabled directly to the Sequencer Input (SI), play your controller. Do you get sound? (You should)


2) delete the PI and SI entirely. Play your controller. Do you have sound? (You should)


3) hit UNDO to re-establish your PI and SI. Cable the PI's SUM to the SI input. Sound?


4) install the Modulator... Sound?


5) Play something out of Numerology (running on its own clock, which I'm assuming it has). Sound?


If you don't get sound from any of the above, post back with what doesn't work.

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