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FabFilter Pro-Q - Anyone have any experience with this EQ?

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Since no one replied I'll just bite.

I've been trying this EQ and it's been very good so far. Easy to work with, sounds neutral, 24 bands, can be linear phase etc ...

So for a go to EQ it's really good, if you don't already have a one.


That said, I prefer GlissEq over it since it has the same features plus the dynamic behavior of the filters.


I suggest you give a try to DMGAudio eQuality, there was a buzz around it when released and when I tried I understood why. Sounds awesome imho (love the analogue phase sound). The only pb with it is it has limited bands compared to the two previous eqs.


If I had to choose just one It'd be GlissEQ, then eQuality, then Pro Q.


Hope this helped.

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