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Unable to record vocals via iMic and hear playback


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Hello - I am trying to record vocals via an iMic USB device (connected to an Audi Buddy pre-amp hooked up to a shure microphone).


Of course want to hear playback of music tracks at same time.


I've tried setting up an aggregate audio device (IMic USB system for input, built in output for output) , which allows me to record keyboard parts and hear them back right away. B


However, I have been unable to figure out how get it to do the same for vocals.


How do I set up audio device, system preferences or whatever so that I can

A) record vocals while

B) hearing background tracks and then

C) play back the results so I can hear everything through my headphones.


(I am able to record vocal audio, but it's in a vacuum so does me no good since I can't hear what I'm supposed to be singing to)


I have a MAC OSX 10.5.8 Mac Book





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