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My orchestrated music


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Very well done! I commented more on your vids as /musicscoring/


Hey, thanks! (And Codestud)

I bought Logic Pro last year after a friend of mine in the business in London hinted at it being worth the money, but it turns out I upgraded to Logic Pro 9 and the strings are as real as you can imagine. :shock: I was astounded/very pleased. I sort of have a thing for strings.

Anyway to answer your questions from youtube, I used the orchestral library where it has everything from cymbals (in the Asian/Percussion section) and for strings I used String Ensemble Legato, and for violin sounding strings I tend to stick to the most real sounding one, which is Violin Section 01. I then Space Design it with Medium Tail about halfway and bob's your uncle.

Apparently I don't know even 15% of what Logic has to offer but atm I don't really care. I can't read music so I go by ear, so what does it matter?


Glad you guys like it. :)

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