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How can I use more than one Reason 4 instrument in Logic?

morris dc

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Hi there,


I connected Reason 4 as a slave to my Logic 9 software. When I try to MIDI-map a Reason 4 instrument as an input channel to Logic, it just works with the first instrument on Channel 1. Everytime I try to add another (second or thrid) Reason 4 instrument, it's not possible to hear it, although it is listed as a MIDI-mappable instrument. I think, I might do something wrong concerning the Reason 4 audio output... or is it a MIDI problem?


Has anyone experienced the same problem, and might know some help?







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Don't mess with the 'advanced MIDI' stuff in Reason... that's not for Rewire. If you are rewiring leave the MIDI setup as it would be if you were just using Reason by itself with your keyboard.

When you create a new ext. MIDI track in Logic, you should be able to open the library and see a Reason folder with all active devices, which is what you have shown in your pic. But in Reason, it is looking elsewhere for the MIDI information.


For audio you have two choices. In Reason you can just run everything to the 14:2 mixer and in Logic, you would create an Aux channel in the mixer that points to R/W 1 &2.

Better is to manually route each device in Reason to the hardware audio thing and then open a new Aux track in Logic for each 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 to correspond.

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