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building my studio. help needed with the equipment.

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Again a question from my side.

I've put it on this forum because here are just the most people wanting to help


So, this is the case:


I'm going to move to America

And there I got quite a room for my producing (I'm going to study in America but producing is a huge hobby in my free-time).


I was wondering which equipment I should buy.


So I'm going to get my Mac Pro soon. It is powerful and fast enough, 12to 16GB ram and 2 or 4 3ghz processors


So what I already got then:


- Mac Pro

- Mackie Big Knob

- Kurzweil synthesizer (using it as midi-keyboard)

- Adam A5X active speakers.

- Headphones by Pioneer, V-moda and Dr. Dre

- Motu MIDI-interface


What I'm surely going to get

- an extra pair of speakers (Genelec 1030A, Genelec 1032A or Mackie HR824(, which ones do you recommend?

- Some desktop synthesizers - Virus A, Virus B, virus C, Virus TI, Clavia Nord rack (getting them time by time)


What I want to get more, but don't know which ones.

- A Microphone (maybe the Neuman TLM102 or 103), or do you have some others to recommend in that price range

- A good mic-preamp, somewhere between 500 and 1500 dollar. If there's a much much better one a bit more expensive, please tell me aswell. But I want to keep that one not to high if possible

- An Interface, don't know which one: tell me everything please.


Music Style I'm producing:

Mainly house music. bit more progressive house (with some pianos and stuff)

Furtheron trying to make some R&B and hip hop


Already thx for the help

And if there are more things I need in the studio, please tell me



''I'm posting this again because last time I almost didn't get any replies, and no replies with suggestions what I can do''

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Good mic pre but very affordable because it's a Neve knockoff: Golden Age Pre 73.

You can also try Chameleon Labs. Universal Audio Solo 610.


With mics it's better to have more options than spending a lot on just one mic.

You can't go wrong with Neumann, but you still have AKG, Shure, Audio Technica.


For speakers I would go with the Yamaha HS50 or HS80 plus the sub.


Interface: Apogee, RME, Metric Halo.

If possible go for PCI interfaces, which have the lowest latency.

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@triplex: thx for the reaction and congratualations with your 4000th post, nice number :)


I've talked to some people

I'm getting an Apogee Ensemble.

It's an firewire interface and it got 4 mic preamp in it, so that's great

The only thing I then need more are the microphone(s)


- Do they all make a big difference?

- Isn't it good just too get one Neumann TLM 103 because the quality is great instead of getting 3 micrphones which are all like 4-5 times cheaper than a Neumann?


Speakers: i thought about the Yamaha's aswell, but too me they seem like ''the second pair of speakers'' I don't know the English word, but just like you have your Main speakers (genelecs e.g.) and then the second are Yamaha's, but they are not better than the Adam's I already got.

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Per forum guidelines (#3), don't repost topics, just bump your original post so it shows up at the top again: http://www.logicprohelp.com/viewtopic.php?t=29410


+1 on the more mics suggestion (as I said before), also +1 on those brands. Depending on what you're doing, the variance in microphones can allow you to get different 'sounds' when recording. It's about having options to up your flexibility. And there are a lot of options out there, all with their strengths and weaknesses, for different uses.


I'm jealous of your budget—looks like you're targeting some nice options! Good luck with your move and your upgrades.

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