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Advice on Audio Interface vs USB Mixing desks

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Hi there,


I'm after some advice on setting up for some recording.


I'm using Logic 8.0.2 at the moment and I'm deciding if I should go down the audio interface path such as the M-Audio MobilePre mk II. Or perhaps a USB mixing desk such as Yamaha MW10C - 10-Channel USB Portable Recording Mixer.


Most of the recording I plan on doing will be 1 to 2 things at a time but there may be the chance of more. eg guitar + vocal mic or guitar + bass + mic.


I'm currently thinking that the mixing desk option might be the way to go in terms of options. It seems I would have more control of the sound at input even though I'll be doing the mixing and track building within Logic.


Does anyone have advice on these 2 methods?

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What's your budget?


M-Audio is not particularly famous for its audio interfaces. Their audio drivers are known to suck.


The Yamaha is not as flexible as you may think...you won't be able to record discreet audio tracks simultaneously, since its USB interface sums all channels in the mixer to stereo. Also, it lacks proper high impedance inputs/ instrument pre-amps. Here's what the manufacturer says about that:


Although electric guitars and basses can be connected directly to the mixer’s inputs, the sound is likely to be thin and possibly noisy. For best results with these types of instruments use a DI box (direct box) or amp simulator between the instrument and the mixer.



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