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Syncing up two computers


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OK, here's my dilemma: I have just got a new 27inch iMac w/i7 processor and Logic Pro 9 . I have been Steinberg (cubase)guy since 1990 so it's all a bit new to me. However I'm coping (how the hell does one get a tap tempo reading ?) and I'm sure I will adapt to Logic's quirks as I did to Steinberg. My query is: IS it possible to connect my old Macbook pro to the iMac and use cubase in sync with logic? If this is not possible can I use all the VST instruments and plug ins in Logic without transferring them all from my macbook pro to the new iMac? I've been reading some about "Nodes" but my eyes tend to glaze over. Why does very manufacturer use different terms for the same thing ?

All help would be gratefully received.


Tim Hinkley

PS anyone what to purchase a bunch of steinberg plug ins that no longer work with snow leopard ? Virtual Guitarist, Hypersonic etc

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