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notes keep getting stuck trhough midi

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:D Hi! I'm a newbee here, though would like to ask for a piece of advise.


Notes consistently get stuck in their positions, and keep sounding after key off.

Say you're trying something out, as soon as you move to the next chord or note, notes from the previous chord or notes keep sounding. And then again, and again, ruining it all.


Program type. Logic 9

Sound card. M-Audio (external)

Synthesizer. Roland Fantom 88 (a pretty old device:)


The keys mainly get stuck while playing chords ...while playing slow patterns loke guitar solo, it was ok

So, I'm trying to record necessary audio samples from Fantom to Logic using already written midi loops. And the sound card has midi in/out

Though I didn't have the problems with the sticking keys with the same Fantom and the same loops with chords when I didn't use a sound card and used 2 cables (Midi to Usb and an audio-audio cable). Though the quality was bad, there was the noise. And that previous time I used another computer with Logic 8, but notebook was worse technically than the new one.


So, is this more likely the problem with MIDI or Audio interface? Or with synthesizer key settings? Or cables? Or drivers (drivers for soundcard are installed, for Fantom - not)?


Anybody, please help! And thanl you beforehand! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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