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Cleaning up a piano part's split points in the score editor


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Can anyone tell me how to easily move notes from the treble to the bass or bass to the treble staffs when cleaning up a piano part in Logic's score editor?


After highlighting some notes in the treble staff, I used the drop down menu (Attributes/voices/staff assignment/staff below voice) which kind of worked but the beaming still was connected from the treble staff in the notes I moved to the bass staff so it looked strange.


Does anyone have a process they use that works for them to get a piano part to look correct in the editor after your played in a part.


Thanks so much!

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Don't use voice assignment. Instead...


Use a 'polyphonic staff style' such as Piano 1/3 which has no fixed split point. It's easy to get this to work. You're going to first set up two key commands, assign Piano 1/3 to your part, modify that staff style, and then you're good to go:


• first, set up key commands for "event channel +1" and "event channel -1"


• in the score, select all of the existing bass notes and hit the "event channel +1" key command. You don't have to select them all at once. You can do it in sections. And assuming your notes are all on channel 1 to begin with, this is going to change them to channel 2. You won't see a change just yet, but don't worry about that.


• now select the Piano 1/3 staff style for that region. Double-click on the name "Piano 1/3" to open the staff style editor, scroll to the right, and change channel 3 to channel 2. Close the editor.


Your score will look exactly the same as before, but now you can go in and move any treble notes to the bass by selecting them and hitting the event +1 key command (changing them from ch. 1 to ch. 2), and vice versa (using the event -1 command to move bass notes to the treble).


There are other methods as well, but this is the way I do this operation. It gives you complete control over what you want to see in the score without any guesswork: treble notes are on channel 1, bass notes are on channel 2.

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