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Problems caused 10.6.6 upgrade?


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This time I opened a previous project with logic.

I selected a track.

The cursor became a hand and would not change. When I moved it, the track grayed out and moved up and down.


The cursor became an eraser when I tried to click the apple and do a force quit.

Once again had to shut the system down.


I'm thinking that the best solution may be to roll the system back to 10.5.


I've repaired permissions several times.

Strange, the same permissions keep getting "repaired" on a daily basis.

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I started Logic today to find answers to your questions.

(I think that I stayed with the default mouse settings.)

Anyway ... a green box appears in the track area. As I move the cursor the box expands or shrinks.

I move the cursor below to the piano roll. Doesn't matter. The box size continues to change.

Once again Logic freezes and won't restart.

I'm unable to force quit - can't open the list - so I restart the machine.

I think it's time to roll back Time Machine to Logic 9.0 and OS X 10.5.

I have a deadline approaching and I can't spend a lot more time on this issue.

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