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Generaly speaking, what causes logic to crash?


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I should point out that any plugins I've needed to pay for, I have. Legitimately. I've also kept logic up to date. Also paid for, twice. Once as a student edition, and the second time as a full copy when i got 8, and then subsequently purchased the upgrade to 9.


Having said all that, I'm finding logic to be rather crash-heavy of late. For example last night I had a sesion going on that consisted of UB, EXS24, and the XILS3 LE. I went to load a preset from XILS, and it crashed. I'm sure some of you might respond with take out the XILS, but I'm serious when I tell you it happens even when I'm using Logic's host plugins. Added to this, I've spent the last two to three months trying to get logic to open at all. Had something to do with my drives not being indexed properly. This would also explain why UB wasn't finding samples set up from presets. Logic/UB not finding samples seems to happen EVERYTIME I update my OS. However the issues with it being buggy seem to have happened since I tried recording friends guitar.


So I guess apart from this being a bit of a gripe post, I'm also wondering what can be done to further stabilize logic from crashing? I don't have a tone of plugins either. My approach has always been to get a small ammount and get the best use out of them. I do love logic, I'm just a bit dissapointed with always having these issues from something that I've supported so much over the years.

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