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How to arrange a complex setlist in Logic?

Scott Righteous

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Currently I load new projects for every song live. Each project has complex and unique monitor routings for band members, and other complex environment set ups. I've thought about putting all these projects into one giant project in logic, but it would be a massive project. I guess I would have to have some kind of snapshot of each projects mixer settings that gets sent at the beginning of each song.


Has anyone done this sort of thing before? I'm using software instruments, and audio bedtracks. Also, each song/project has totally different level settings for each bedtrack/instrument, and totally different effect send settings for each song.


It's not a simple playback of bedtacks type thing.

Is there an easy way to drag a whole project into another project window?

Is there a way to create a snapshot of all mixer settings so that you can change those when a new song is hit on the timeline?



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