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MBOX 2 Vocal Level issues

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hi all,

This problem has actually driven me to find a site like this where i could at least try to get an idea of what im doing wrong!

I've touted the problem around my friends and they just shrug


I own an Mbox2 and i'm using logic 8,

using either a dynamic microphone or my AT4033 condenser mic (this makes problem seem even worse !)

So briefly ....

I plug in the mic and attempt to get a good level for a vocal :\

Basically the music totally drowns out my vocal signal, i really would like to hear exactly what i am singing and this just seems impossible with this new mbox!

I've tried using the MIX knob which does indeed turn down the music and in turn gives you more of a vocal level...cool!...not cool..! as i'm sure you're all thinking right now, it's also turning down any effect/preset i have on the vocal signal, so it becomes more and more dry as you retract the MIX knob.

I find a dry vocal really hard to sing with...

Is there anything i am doing obvious that anyone can advise me on..

I cant remember it being this difficult with my old crappy pc analogue mixer even!

I want to hear the music as loud as poss but want to hear the vocal sitting comfortably on the top with some of the effect present on the vocal too...Can i not achieve this with the system/set up i have

It's really stopping me from progressing further with my projects...


please help

many thanks

josh uk :(

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I don't know the Mbox2, but I'm sure there's a way to adjust the level of the vocal. Turn it up to get a healthy level into Logic. (Peak at about -6 dB). This is the recording level for the vocal. Once it's set, leave it alone.


In Logic, adjust the other tracks to sit underneath the vocal.


If you need more overall volume of everything (Mix + Vocal), turn up the headphone volume.

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Thanks for the advice.

I found when i turned down all of my existing tracks, it then left room for the volume of the vocal to be increased,

Such a simple remedy ...you kinda get carried away with your levels sometimes...

Well i do anyway... and it's caused me no end of :((

As soon as i dropped all of my levels (grabbing all of the tracks in the mixer window) and then turning them all down. Turn UP the vocal track to a good level only then I found that my "Mix" button then had a purpose, i could mix in the vocal with the rest of my track

and that gave me the level of vocal i needed... yay!

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